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certapet logoAs time progresses, more and more people are in some form suffering from anxiety depression and stress. Every 1 in 4 individuals is dealing with some mental disability which makes life a living hell for them.

The sad part is that most individuals suffering from bouts of severe anxiety and depression will not get professional help, and this can be attributed to the fact that most people will see this as taboo. The human mind has layers and completely understanding how the brain works are still not possible even for scientists with thousands of research studies.

Oddly enough, even for a completely normal person who has their life together when anxiety and depression will strike is unpredictable. Understanding and creating awareness regarding the demographic who suffers from mental disabilities is necessary. People who are victims of anxiety are not mentally disabled, and no you cannot just tell them to “get over it”. It is not possible for them!

woman playing with her dogThe brain needs a balanced release of hormones to keep the thought process and body’s actions in sync. There are many medical treatments for people who are suffering from mental disorders, but internal medication will harm your body more while trying to stabilize your mind. Pet therapy is one of the newest and most effective forms of therapy. The person suffering from anxiety or any other emotional disability uses the companionship of an emotional support animal to get through life.

As simple as this sound, there is a huge population still unaware of the need for dependency on a pet. Case in point they are not allowed in ‘pet free’ zones and most airlines won’t let you travel with them; that is unless you have the right certification to do so.

You need legal documents that explain the need for a pet as an emotional support animal. Many websites are offering the opportunity to get the certification easily, CertaPet is one of the best portals out there to get you the right documentation. Located in League city, certain pet offers the complete service.

CertaPet offers discretion to individuals who do not want to disclose their mental disabilities openly, CertaPet will connect them to mental health professionals who can assess their condition and provide them with an overview of their psychological condition along with the required letter.

searching on the webCertaPet works in steps, the first step entails a free online screening test based on DSM-V, if you pass this test, you might be in need of an emotional support animal. Next comes the examination by a licensed mental health specialist and CertaPet only deals with licensed practitioners.

After this session, if you are in need of an emotional support animal you will receive the recommendation through the mail. CertaPet makes it easy, quick and hassle-free to get the letter of recommendation and you can easily keep a pet or convert your current pet into an Emotional support animal.

CertaPet does not work with psychiatrists who can recommend medications. CertaPet will give you the support and documents you need to keep your pet with you in a pet free zone. CertaPet has a five-star rating among websites that offer certification for emotional support animals.

One of the best services that CertaPet offers are that you get to do everything privately and get the opinion of a certified mental health specialist with paying excessively.CertaPet certification will allow you to travel with your pets on board and take them with you on trips, to the hospital, to your workplace and other pet-free areas when you need to. You can show this certification to your landlord which will allow you to keep your pet in the vicinity.

Emotional support animals if trained are often very calm in chaotic situations, and this is a plus as they will hardly ever disturb the neighbors.The psychologists at CertaPet are very helpful and prompt; you can also keep receiving help through their online chat option. They also help you in getting a permit for moving your pet with you to your condo which is often difficult to get done.