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    ESA Co. logoEmotional support animals are a fairly new way of therapy for people suffering from anxiety or mental illnesses. The basic idea is to help the patient alleviate the symptoms of a mental disorder by providing them with emotional support.

    Pets and animals are an excellent source of happiness, most doctors recommend spending some time at the animal, especially puppy shelters to relieve the stress of a hectic day. Pet therapy has shown a new and more effective way of calming people, providing emotional support and stability to patients as opposed to prescribing antipsychotics.

    Pets provide a source of attachment, dependence and unconditional love that an emotionally unstable person requires. In some cases, these pets also help with minor physical activities, such as opening doors.

    People who are qualified for an ESA need their assistance for home, travel or place of work/business. They constantly need their companion to be with them and may get anxious if the ESA leaves their side. With today’s world, the stress levels have skyrocketed and most people are suffering from crippling depression and are unable to get help or an ESA due to difficult processes and procedures.

    Thanks to much awareness regarding mental health issues, there are online platforms that allow you to get qualified for an ESA and provide you with the necessary documentation you need.

    counseling is one of the best service providers that help you get qualified for an ESA. Where there is a world of scams that promise to do the same for you, this website actually delivers what it promises.

    At there is a team of qualified therapists that help you through the procedure of getting a letter that allows you the company of an emotional support animal. This organization was created to help people who are suffering from mental disorders. Their assessments are confidential and there is no threat to the security of your information.

    This is a safe haven for people who are dealing with mental health complications to get an ESA without getting embarrassed or answering embarrassing questions. The team is very supportive and will inform you if you d not require an ESA.

    Their process is simple and the costs for the letter are also appropriate. They provide you qualification for free and have all the options for whatever type of letter you need. They actually help you deal with life without complicating the attainment of documentation for an emotional support animal.


    It is easy, hassle-free and dedicated to their cause. They will also help you in declaring your current pet as an ESA once the professional therapists have assessed you. The process on this website is quite simple, fill a questionnaire regarding your mental health and anxiety, and next select the type of letter you need for example; for traveling, home or both.

    chattingNext, you will get a chance to chat with one of the therapists at the website, and get the validation for your ESA. If you do not require an ESA you will be informed. After getting assessed if you do qualify for an ESA they will provide you the letter you need.

    A four-step hassle-free process that helps you with the emotional support you need. You can easily get your pet to be an ESA for you. This website is an excellent source of information regarding rules, regulations, and laws. They make sure that the breed and size of the ESA are not restricted and you do not pay extra airline fees for your pet.

    Bottom Line

    This platform is a blessing for people who are suffering and are restricted by landlords or airlines to keep their animals with them. The best part of this website is that they genuinely care for those who require help and are willing to provide the best services possible.

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