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Over the past two decades, the concept of emotional support has become popular. People dealing with mental health issues, in particular, find the idea of a pet companion a source of relief. One of the reasons is the unconditional love and warmth people receive from their pets. This support helps them deal with their mental stress.

For most people, the pet companionship is mood boosting and brings calmness in their lives. For others, it gives their life a purpose and structure, as they have to care for their pet. ESAs help people deal with the symptoms of various mental disorders and provide them with emotional support.

Pet therapy has emerged as a successful treatment that provides emotional stability to patients. Many doctors recommend this therapy instead of prescribing antipsychotics. Generally, the choice of pet varies from individual to individual. The idea is to build an emotional connection with an animal, be it a dog, a cat, or even a duck.  Regardless of the animal they choose, it is merely its presence that makes people feel comfortable, relaxed and stress-free.

However, in order to qualify for an emotional support animal, you need to get a letter from a licensed therapist. The written statement from him or her works as permission to allow you to live, work or travel with your pet. Many online platforms help you get an ESA prescription letter by providing professional guidance and necessary documentation. in this regard, is a company, providing an easy way to connect with a licensed mental health professional online. They have a team of dedicated professionals ready to help you connect with renowned therapists who are not only competent but also highly experienced in this domain. The mission of the company is to contribute to reducing the day-to-day stress of life.

Why ESALetter.Net strives to make the process of obtaining an legal ESA letter online from a licensed therapist simple. Those who pass the qualification screening have an legal right to keep their animals with you in certain circumstances where normal pet’s aren’t allowed. Furthermore, the letter helps you deal with the discrimination issues, raised from property owners that restrict dwellers, renters, and buyers from living with their pets. is favorable for you as it protects you under the Fair Housing Act law.

In the same line, an emotional support animal letter from protects you with the Air Carrier Access Act while traveling with your pet. Professional therapists in their company are well versed to get you clearance for traveling with your pet, as airline staff understands how much those how have a letter need their pet.

How Works

The company has easy-to-go procedures that are fast, affordable, and make it easy to attain an letter so their customers can enjoy the benefits of pet therapy. They work with four simple steps as follow,

  • Online ESA Assessment – You just need to fill out an online form, available on their official website, determining your need to get ESA.
  • ESA Letter Selection – Select the letter that matches your requirements
  • Therapist Review – A professional therapist reviews and assesses your ESA requirements
  • Receive ESA Letter – You receive your licensed approval/ letter once you meet the requirements

Bottom Line

In conclusion, is undeniably a blessing for those who qualify to get an ESA letter quickly and easily without having to leave their homes. The procedures are easy and accessible for everyone, aiming to provide smooth and professional services.

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    Visit Their Website

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