Get an Emotional Support Animal Letter from a Doctor

An emotional support animal letter is the only way you can continue your treatment with your choice of emotional support animal, such as an emotional support dog. The mental health benefits provided by an emotional support animal is often misunderstood which, in turn, makes the registration process hard and complicated.


Why Do You Need to Secure an Emotional Support Animal Letter from a Doctor?

A licensed mental health practitioner is the only one allowed to issue a valid emotional support animal letter for an emotional disability or similar. The list of licensed mental health practitioners includes:

  • Psychologists
  • Psychiatric nurses
  • Licensed therapists
  • Psychiatrists
  • licensed clinical social workers
  • licensed professional counselors

Housing facilities, airlines, and other public transports will not recognize a license or letter coming from a non-licensed person and will not allow an assistance animal or service dog on transport.


Be Wary of ESA Letter Scams

The good news toward people experiencing emotional and psychological difficulties in their daily lives is the help coming from the love, support, and companionship of an emotional support animal. Having one in the home and also being allowed to travel with their owners are the ways to continue the treatment.

An emotional support animal letter is the only way an ESA or service animal can have legal rights to be with their mentally incapacitated owners all the time. An ESA letter grants access to emotional support animals in housing facilities that do not allow pets. There is also no additional cost for an owner traveling with an emotional support animal on the plane in the presence of an emotional support animal letter.

The thing to be wary of are the scams of numerous online sites that claim to issue legitimate registrations for an emotional support animal. There have been stories of people duped by these sites. Adding insult to injury was the fake paper they get in exchange for their hard-earned money, effort, and time. The best thing to avoid becoming a victim is to know the reputable sites that can provide a legitimate ESA letter.


A Legitimate ESA Letter Should Show the Following:

  • Date of issuance, signature, and letterhead of a licensed mental health practitioner
  • The name of the state that issued the license to the mental health practitioner, the type of license, license number, and the date the license was issued
  • The mental condition of the individual that is included in the list issued by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders
  • The mental health practitioner’s diagnosis that daily activities of living are affected by certain conditions that need the help and support coming from an emotional support animal
  • An account coming from the mental health practitioner of how the emotional support animal will be able to support the present mental condition of the patient
  • ESA recommendation
  • Optional requirement but also important is information such as the breed, name, and type of the ESA and the name of the owner


How to Ask for an Emotional Support Animal Letter from a Doctor

As stated, an emotional support animal letter is only considered valid and legitimate when it is issued or prescribed by a licensed mental health practitioner. If you are actively participating in a therapy program, the best person to ask for an ESA letter is your therapist. Your therapist, in turn, will determine whether an emotional support animal will help you recover from your condition. Getting your doctor or therapist to agree to issue an emotional support animal letter will not be hard if they are aware of and believe in the mental benefits provided by ESAs.


Options to Consider When You’re Not Under Any Therapy Program

One option to consider when you want to be issued an emotional support animal letter is to start a therapy session with a licensed mental health practitioner. At the start explain your situation and your need for an emotional support animal. The doctor will then diagnose your condition to determine whether an emotional support animal can pave the way to a fast recovery. If your doctor or therapist agrees, you will be able to get your ESA letter in no time.

The complication of this supposedly straight deal is that, generally, doctors or therapists are simply not interested in issuing emotional support animal letters. It’s probably because they see no reason for this when you are undergoing therapy. Alternative it may be because your therapist or doctor does not believe that mental disorders can benefit with the help of emotional support animals.

The highly probable cause for a doctor’s reluctance to write an emotional support animal letter are the stories about people taking advantage of free airline passes for their animal. This is the top reason for doctors to reject the idea of writing an emotional support animal letter.

The advantage of asking a doctor for an emotional support animal letter is because it is valid and legitimate. The downside to this option is the expense. A therapy consultation with a mental health professional is probably one of the most expensive medical expenses a mentally ill individual has to cope with.


Getting an ESA Letter from Legitimate Online Sites

While there are a lot of scammers online, there are also reputable ones. A website that offers an ESA letter ONLY if you are connected to a mental health professional is legit. Sites that offer you speedy connections with licensed therapists are also the ones to go for.

Make your life comfortable and secure with your choice of an Emotional Support Animal. We offer Emotional Support Animal Letters that only comes from licensed mental health practitioners. Find out if you qualify by getting in touch with us today. An approval from our roster of mental health professionals gives you an ESA letter in less than 60 seconds!

A site that is reputable and legitimate will ask a series of questions to determine whether you can qualify for an ESA letter. The answers you give will be forwarded to a licensed mental health practitioner who will communicate directly with you. You will only be issued an ESA letter if the licensed therapist determines that your condition needs the help and support of an emotional support animal.

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