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    Therapy Pet LogoAs technology has progressed visiting offices, standing in line and spending the whole day trying to get hold of documentation has become obsolete. Everything can easily be done online a without any hassle.

    This is also true for people who own pets and want them to become their emotional support companions as well.  People suffering from anxiety, depression or any other mental disability require the assistance of these animals.

    Anxiety and depression can be chronic, the earlier it is treated the better. Therapy is one of the best ways to break through the walls of depression, anxiety, and other disorders. Some psychiatrists prescribe medications to battle the symptoms, but heavy medications are prescribed for severe cases.

    To get your pet registered as an ESA or get one for support purposes, you need to have documentation that certifies your need for an emotional support animal. is an excellent website that offers you the opportunity to get yourself registered with the emotional support animal association. This basically allows you to get a letter, emphasizing your need for an emotional support pet.

    Why do you need the documentation?

    girl suffered from deppresionPeople suffering from mental disorders and complications need special treatment; they need support during bouts of anxiety, especially when they have to travel by air. These animals are legally allowed to accompany their owners in restaurants and are allowed to keep their pets in pet-free residences or cities that are not pet-friendly.

    The people at genuinely care for patients that need emotional support and understand the impact that the support of a pet can have on a person suffering from anxiety. This company was created to help people who need emotional support to be able to get all the paperwork easily in a few steps.

    They provide immediate and private assessment to each patient by a certified therapist who determines the need for an ESA. If he figures that your symptoms will get better with an ESA at your side all the time, they will provide you with a letter that allows you to register your pet as an emotional support animal.

    Therapy using pets is a relatively new way of treating patients that suffer from anxiety and depression. provides you the best therapists that determine your condition and understand your need for immediate assistance.

    Why do we recommend

    Complete information

    The website provides you with all the necessary legal information and specifications that you need to be aware of for owning an emotional support animal. You can all the rules, regulations and laws specifically mentioned when you click information at the bottom of the homepage.

    Free qualification

    The people at want to help people suffering from mental and emotional disabilities. They give you the opportunity to get 100% free qualification. This means that you will be able to get qualified for an ESA without spending a dime.

    Simple process

    It is a simple four-step procedure that enables you the luxury of having your pet near you all the time, and anywhere you want. The first step is to fill out a questionnaire related to your condition, and then select the type of letter you require for example; a housing letter, traveling letter or both. Next you will be able to get an assessment from a certified therapist and they will determine your need for an ESA and finally, you will receive the letter. It is a quick and hassle-free process.

    Bottom line allows you to get all the documentation you need for an ESA and make sure that there are no unfair pet deposits, no size or breed restrictions, and no unfair airline payments. The most important thing, however, is that they are compassionate and will provide you the best possible support you need in order to be qualified for emotional support.

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      Visit Their Website

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